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On request we serve breakfast on your private terrace or on the shared terrace.
Breakfast includes fresh bread, a variety of ham and cheese, yoghurt, muesli, an egg, milk and orange juice.
Of course we serve a delicious cup of coffee, cappuccino or tea.

Pizza evening
On the large terrace the pizza oven is heated to 350 degrees.
Different flavors of pizzas are eaten together with the other guests. We guarantee you a pleasant evening!

A place to play
How nice to play with other children! In the porch there is space for tinkering, coloring, playing with cars or building with Lego.
There is also a table tennis table to play a game of table tennis with mom / dad or other children.
There are reading books and games in the bookcase.

Outside cinema
What could be more fun for children than to watch a movie under the stars in the dark...
We create an outdoor cinema in the garden!
Just like in the 'real' cinema there is a break for drinks and chips.

Walk from Casa San Biagio
From your apartment you can make a walk of about 8,5km, you will receive a map with directions.
You walk on unpaved roads and come across the beautiful nature that characterizes Le Marche.
With the view at the Monte Catria and Monte Acuto this walk is really worthwhile.

Wine tasting
There are several wineries in our region. These wineries produce delicious wines. Come with us to a wine tasting, by tasting them yourself you can judge whether they are indeed delicious.

View the beautiful nature from the water, go by canoe through the Gola del Furlo or view the Marmitte dei Giganti from the bottom of the gorge. If interested, we can arrange this excursion for you.

Paragliding or Hang Gliding
View the beautiful nature from the air! From Monte Cucco you will take to the air with an instructor by paragliding or hang gliding. A unique experience to view the Apennines from the air!
If you are interested, please let us know a few weeks before you come on holiday with us, so that we can reserve it in time.